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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pacifier Blues

Up until the morning we left for Florida, this was the story of my daughter's life. Like a smoker, she would sneak off at random times and could be found in her room, in her bed, having a suck. She knew she could only have the "na-na" when she was sleeping, but this crutch was the only way she could calm herself and self-regulate. One tantrum without it left her chewing on the strap of her Barbie backpack, she was so distraught.
Thankfully, the "na-na" fairy arrived in time to pluck the pacifier from Syd to bestow it on some other needy baby. In return for her generosity, Syd was awarded her very own diaper bag filled with all the things a mom needs to care for her baby: diapers, bottles, teething toys, baby food, and a cell phone. Everything, of course, except a pacifier. ;)
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