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The Queen

The Queen of the Earth is (the alter ego of) Kirsten DiChiappari.  Or, maybe Kirsten is the alter.  It's hard to tell.  Kirsten was born and raised in New Jersey (Exit 153) and now resides in Rhode Island.  [Rhode Island is NOT one of the boroughs of New York.]

Kirsten is a fiercely opinionated person, who writes and blogs, and likes to advocate for the very best people, businesses and brands she can find.  

By day, Kirsten consults with media clients in print, radio and television on how to harness the power of social conversations to build audience and generate success.  

By night, Kirsten is the chauffeur of two lovely children, the wife of one handsome man and the keeper of one very needy dog.  She is also the crappy cook, the impatient nanny, and the horrid housekeeper.  Almost everywhere you can follow someone on social media, you can find Kirsten at @tqote.

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