News Update :
Friday, November 28, 2014


This is how most of my blog posts get started. One picture, one quote, one song or meme and there's a teeny spark of a thought in my head. 

I just start typing and follow my mind as fast as I can keep up, defining and refining as I go. (Hoping the end makes the whole thing worth the effort.)

Sometimes it's a quick and direct road from start to finish. Other times, I end up writing in circles, doubling back to the beginning and choosing an entirely different path. And the post I thought I was going to write is in pieces on the floor. 

Occasionally, I go back, read my blog and decide I chose the wrong path after all. My post is flat. Stale. Pointless. I pick up one of the discarded pieces to look again to see if there's a thought worth salvaging, an actual story worth telling. 

It's like a Choose a Your Own Adventure series everyday. Where will I go next? It's anyone's guess. Even mine!
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