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Monday, November 7, 2016

Better Things

On the eve of history or herstory, either way, I think it would be nice to spend some time talking about other things.  Internet kittens. (Aw!) What I had for breakfast.  (Isagenix, baby!) Brangelina. (Why, God, why?!)

Anything but.  No more hate.  No more division.  No more polarization. 

All smiley faces and heart emojis.

As Wade Morissette sings in his song Om Narayana:

Joy on the inside and peace on the outside,
Loving on the inside and laughing on the outside,
Kissing on the inside and healing on the outside,
Flowing on the inside and thriving on the outside,
Clearing on the inside and accepting the outside,
Shining on the inside and shining on the outside.

Which brings me to this luscious gift. 

Little Miss Harper.

Miss Harper was born in March 2016 and as a strong woman to be reckoned with, she has decided to make her presence known.

Harper needs your help.

Harper was born on 3/15/16 making us the proud parents of two beautiful children. On 3/17/16 Harper failed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR newborn hearing tests while in the hospital. We were told not to worry and to schedule a re-test for two weeks later to give her sometime to "grow".

Fast forward to SIX hearing tests later, including a sedated ABR as well as a sedated CT Scan paid for out of pocket, and we now know our baby girl is completely deaf. Harper is extremely verbal, social, and visual and our insurance is refusing to cover any devices that will allow her to begin hearing. In addition to the scans and blood panels we have also paid out of pocket for the 2 sets of Hearing Aides she is required to wear (per insurance) pre-surgery to help prepare and strengthen her ears to hold the processors that accompany the implants. Harper will no doubt THRIVE with Implants due to her social nature and verbal babble but if we don't act quickly she will slowly begin to lose any language she is already forming. We have our first Implantation scheduled for November 29th and will need to have funds on the ready for fees, recovery supplies, and the Cochlear Implants themselves.”

You can’t change the candidates.  You can’t change the outcome of this election.

BUT, you can help Harper hear.  And get a cool tee to boot.

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