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Monday, November 9, 2015

Write a Bio

"Write a bio," they said.

"It'll be easy," they said.

"Just write down who you are and what you do."


Uh, er, um.


What the hell do I do?  What time of the day are you asking me?

Is it when I am driving the busload of boys home from the rec center?  Or cross country practice?  Or to soccer practice?  Or shuttling the girl to guitar?  Play practice?  Acro?

Is it when I am standing in the yard picking up dog shit?  Or snuggling with the pup?  Or driving him to daycare?

It is when I am standing in the supermarket wondering why bad food is so cheap and good food is so expensive?  Is it when I am pretending to cook?  Or when I'm ordering takeout?

Maybe it's the hours that I am a powerhouse marketing consultant, skipping from conference call to conference call, expounding the benefits of unified databases, first-party data and audience engagement.  When I am upright, fully alert and dressed? (Please God, let it be then.)

This is impossible.  You can't know who I am from 140 characters, or 1000 characters. I am the sum of my years, the entirety of my experiences, the whole of my parts.

And yes, +Michelle Martinka, clearly, I am stalling.  That's why I am #stillunpublished after all these years.

Can I just make it up?

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