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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turning On the Lights

It has been a long, long time since I put pen to page. If you are a little confused, I guess I mean fingers to keys. Either way, after spending a month last fall thanking the pants off of people and businesses who were generous beyond measure, I went dark. (Not personally, of course - but literally dark.)

When I work with my consulting clients, the one thing that I always tell them is that they can't go dark. They can't be inconsistent with their company or their marketing. Intermittent messaging leads to forgetfullness from your audience, to the extent that they stop caring altogether. Believe that social media is now THE place to interact with customers and prospects, and there is no turning back. And yet, I did just that with all of you. Shame on me.

This blog has always been a personal catharsis. It hasn't been about the reader -- not that I don't acknowledge or appreciate your time and support. But, it has been all about me. My place, my brain, my quirky thought or reflection of the moment. And I honestly think that no one expected it to be more. But I think that now, maybe just a little bit, I do.

So stay tuned, if you dare. I have personal stories to share in the times that I think that they apply. And I have business and brand stories too, because there are so many places and people who get it right every day, yet go unnoticed. And then there are the random, irrelevant things that I just have to put somewhere. This is that place.

Today, my tea bag said "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Indeed we are.
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