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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Checking it Twice...

My daughter is off to a birthday party today.  At least, I am almost POSITIVE that it's today.

Last year, I accidentally took my daughter to a party.  Taking her wasn't the accident -- she was invited.  She primped and dressed herself all fancy, as you can see.  We collected our princess heels, our lipstick purse and our gift and headed out the door.  
As we arrived, I worried that I might be exceptionally late (I'm a little late for everything) since there were no other cars.  There are two front doors so Sydney and I took turns ringing the bells, thinking that perhaps we couldn't be heard above the squealing of little girls.

Maybe the bell was broken?  Or, maybe I had the wrong time...I pulled out my cell phone, my stomach starting to knot up for fear that I had missed the party altogether.  I dialed the house answer.  I tried the mom on her cell and when she answered, I said, "Hey, it's Kirsten.  I'm on your porch right now...did I get the time wrong?"  

Do you know what she said?  [Don't give it away...wait for it!]

"No, you have the time right," she said," except that the party is tomorrow."  
And, THAT is how my precious got a do over.  And thankfully, she forgave me.  Because, at least, I wasn't a day late.
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