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Monday, March 25, 2013

Balls for All

I was going to take a picture of the big fluffy laundry pile, but then I forgot and I FOLDED IT!  It would appear that the Woolzies Dryer Balls really do have magical powers!

If you were here on Saturday, you know all about my new balls.  If you're scratching your head (I hope that's what your scratching) right now, you can hop over to this post to catch up.

So I gave the Woolzies a try yesterday.  Knee deep in laundry, I tossed them into the dryer and hoped for the best.  This is what I learned:

1)  They fluff the laundry very nicely. (Of course, taking the laundry out in the same three days that it's been dried probably helps with that!)
2)  They don't eliminate 100% of static cling - BUT, they recommend that you put an aluminum foil ball in with their balls and that actually helps.  It says it right on their instruction card so if you forget this little secret, they'll remind you.
3)  The clothes felt softer.  This might be me projecting, but I really think that they were. 
4)  The clothes were dry faster than before.  I agree that this saves time since my washer is always way ahead of my dryer.  It will save energy and hopefully some money!  (Don't be fooled by the picture above though because I checked twice and there was NOT a dryer full of cash.)

So the test is complete and these Woolzies are here to stay - for at least 1,000 loads!  (And then I'm buying myself another box.)  If YOU want to win a box of Woolzies before you buy your own - and you should - then leave a comment below sharing your biggest laundry challenge.  An extra entry if you like Woolzies on Facebook and another if you like them on Twitter.  (Just mention in your comments that you did and leave your Twitter handle.)  We'll announce the winner on The Queen of the Earth's Facebook page on Wednesday...which you should ALSO like, if you don't already!

Good luck, and may all the balls you're juggling be Woolzies!

Remember, the winner receives one ox of 6 XL Woolzies Dryer Balls.  I received no compensation from Woolzies for this review - just free balls for me and hopefully, for you!

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