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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Out of Office Reply: I Don't Care

I told Deech that I had come up with some rules for vacation.  Without blinking, or trying to be subtle, he sighed.  So, it pleased me greatly to tell him my rules for our impending trip:

1)  I don't care how much ice cream the kids eat.  Or if they had a healthy snack first.  Or if it's breakfast.  I don't care.

2)  I don't care when the kids go to bed.  Eventually, everyone will sleep.  We don't have anywhere to be except the beach and last I checked, it was there 24/7.  So, I don't care.

3)  If I didn't pack it, we don't need it.  If we need it, we'll buy it.  If we can't buy it, we'll get over it.

4)  I am not working on this vacation.  Nothing earth shattering will happen in my absence.  And as important as I think I am, the world will keep spinning.  My ego will survive.  

5)  Lastly, and by far the hardest:  I am going to relax.  I have been told (probably not correctly) that there is no WiFi where we're headed.  Whatevs.  I don't care.  I mean, I do kind of care, but only because I want to Instagram my complete and utter happiness.  If it doesn't happen, I will inundate you all upon my return to the digital world.

I have learned a LOT this past year about what I can and what I can't control.  And I have learned that the very best gift I can give to my children is leave my baggage at home.  No yelling.  (Not even whisper yelling.)  No correcting.  No nagging.  No hurrying.  No angry face.  No disappointment.  I am leaving all the nos at home this time around.  (There's so much room in the car now that I can bring extra shoes.  Yeah for me!)

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