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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Countdown to Monday

Tomorrow the boy leaves for a week long field trip with his seventh grade class. Ugh. Right as he leaves for the bus, the girl heads in to Hasbro for her second endoscopy in 4 years. Double ugh.

Around these parts, we hold Sunday as a sacred day. Sometimes that means football, sometimes it means pool day. Regardless of the activity, the goal is to be as stress free as possible. Sunday Funday. 

Today was a little Sunday Funday, surrounded by great friends and insane football. But, it was also a little tense and a little hectic, tidying up last minute loose ends and prepping an anxious kid. 

Sundays are two-faced, starting out as just another weekend day, and ending like the early half of Monday...dreaded Monday. 

When I lived in NJ and would drive up to MA for weekends, the second half of Sunday was the worst. Equally shitty when Deech came down to visit me. The kids sense the seismic shift between lazy and harried too, at least when school's in session. 

It's symbolic of post-40 life, where you get a little panicky every now and then about the fears of the future: parents aging, kids leaving home, friends drifting, all to the detriment of enjoying and savor ing the present. 

There are 45 minutes left in my Sunday. I'm going to soak them in. Shitty Monday's almost here. 

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