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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Ben & Kirsten

On the first leg of our journey, Ben asks if I want to play Blackjack.  Instead, we played War – one of my easy go to games.  Ben beat me mercilessly, as he predicted.

I decided to play Solitaire.  Ben asked, “with cards?” To which I explained that Solitaire did, in fact, exist prior to the invention of computers. Only for a minute I can’t remember exactly how to deal out the deck.  For years, as a lonely lifeguard at a condo pool I played every variation of Solitaire known.  It’s not just our ears that haven’t popped up here.  My brain feels under water.


Second leg, sitting on the runway in Baltimore, staring out the plane window.  We see the guys waving the lighted batons. 

Ben says, “Do you ever think those guys are just nerds who wanted to play with light sabers?”

Meanwhile, I wonder, what if a dog got loose on the runway and started chasing one of the baton boys -- thinking it was a game of ‘fetch the lighted stick.’  Would the plane have to follow the leader and the dog, all over the place?

We might possibly be a little overtired.

Vacation, here we come.


Addendum, from the condo.  "Syd, what did you do today?"

"I saw more than 10 squished things."

Welcome to Florida.
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