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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snowballs and Stuff


When the #LTYM production team and I hangout with another, we speak in #hashtags.  Sarcastic, sassy, smart-mouthed hashtags.  I don't know how I lived in a world without hashtags.  They are the air quotes of this decade.  And we don't care if we abuse them.  You know, we're #sorrynotsorry.

The important thing, in my book, is that we get shit done.  And if we mock one another in the process, all the better.  When you can really do that with people, it's because you have found your people.  Your tribe.  You are part of the pack.  My son's middle school principal is big on this as an indicator of success.  When we feel like we're a part of something, that we BELONG to something, we are connected, included, motivated.

Auditioning for Listen to Your Mother 2013 was one of those (as Bri puts it) stupid, brave, stupid, brave things that I did, with no idea where it would lead.

If I had only taken a screen grab of our half-assed, semi-technical failure that was tonight's Google Hangout (someone invent easy video conference technology, please) you would get a glimpse into our pack.  More importantly, you'd know all the important details for the 2016 season so you could get ready.

We want YOU to join the tribe, the club, the pack, the cult.  We want you to drink our Kool Aid and then tell us your tales.

There is love and loss and light and laughter at the Listen to Your Mother show.  Pick a city.  Pick a story.  There are hundreds, like snowflakes. Unique, precious and, while sometimes fragile on their own, together they make one motherfucker of a snowball.

Winter is coming.  Come play with us.

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