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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Fine White Wine


I have to say that I really like white wine. Don't get me wrong, I have tried red wines and I did find a few (Chard Farm, New Zealand) that didn't make me feel like I was in church, but really, white is where it's at. Sitting in my backyard on a sunny summer day in an Adirondack chair with a good friend and an icy glass of Greenvale Vineyards Skipping Stone is a heavenly thought right about now. Mostly, because the chairs are packed away, the wood stove is blasting hot air to keep the chill at bay and my good friends have gone into hibernation.

My favorite whites:

Greenvale Vineyards - Skipping Stone White & Vidal Blanc
Sakonnet Vineyards - Vidal Blanc & Cock of the Walk
Sharpe Hill Vineyards - Ballet of Angels
Newport Vineyards - In the Buff & Great White

A new martini bar opened in town last week called The Anchor. Last month, my friend was a judge at a martini contest put on at Newport Grand. (I was her designated driver, which the dj thought was a euphemism for lesbian lover.) Regardless, I got to sample some very cool drinks that will keep me warm this winter. It's gonna be a looooong time until we break out the Adirondacks and chill the whites.
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