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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Surrender


Tonight is the last night of the year and tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. I hate to be so cliched as to make resolutions but there are a few things that I might as well start tomorrow.

One friend told me last week that she was taking inventory so that she could choose the things that she was taking with her into the new year, and that she was going to make it "her" year. She said that there was plenty she was ready to leave behind...if only it was as easy as just "leaving it behind". Or is it?

Here's my plan for a healthy, happy 2009:

1) Surrender. Several people who I admire and respect have assured me that if I surrender myself to the universe, what ever is meant to happen will happen. I am confident that I have spent an extraordinary amount of time ignoring the universe and attempting to apply my own brand of logic. And what has that gotten me? (According to my doctor, extremely high blood pressure.) No, it is definitely time for a new game.

2) A clean slate. I hear that new things cannot come into your life if it is filled with clutter and baggage - literally and emotionally. I would say that my basement is a pretty good indicator of why it's time for me to purge so that I can be ready for the new.

3) Positive energy. I have faith in God and I am a truly grateful person. I know that I am blessed with wonderful family, friends, a home, good health and many more gifts. I also know that I have a place in my heart that is filled with resentment, envy disappointment, irritation and ill-will towards a few select (dare I say deserving?) people. What a waste of time and energy. If I resolve anything, it's to let go of that.

4) Patience. Of course, trying to write this as my two children punch the heads off of one another is probably not the best thing to be doing. I was trying to teach them patience. Maybe I should start with myself first.

So, there it is. I surrender. Whatever will be, will be. And my favorite thought, a toast from my parents, "May we never have less." Happy New Year.
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