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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me + 5 More

This was my most recent writing effort. I could have listed 100 random things. Maybe a thousand. How do you choose? I added five more that are worth mentioning:

1) When I was in seventh grade, I fell off the stage during band practice. Yes, band.

2) I was an altar girl.

3) I have a tattoo.

4) I have been with my husband for 18 years - married almost 11. My second longest relationship was three weeks. (I think I was 21 before I had boobs.)

5) I have seen the Southern Cross and fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

6) I used to want to be a criminal prosecutor.

7) I majored in American Studies. Me and the basketball team.

8) My favorite thing to do is sit on the beach with my toes in the damp sand and read a good book. I can't live farther than 60 minutes (max, including traffic) from the ocean. Can't. Won't. My least favorite thing to do is to hump all the beach crap from the car to the perfect spot.

9) Not a Jodi Picoult book - can't stand her books - don't get the hype. Want heart wrenching drama? Read Wally Lamb.

10) I would kill anyone who tried to hurt my children. Seriously. I have fired a gun.

11) I aspire to finish the book I started writing three years ago. Getting that book published would be a dream come true.

12) The other ultimate dream would be to write Op-Ed for the NYT.

13) I have ridden in a police car and seen the inside of a jail cell. (Exhale Mom, I don't have a record.)

14) I love politics. I hate that Deech hates politics.

15) I once went to the mall on the way to the emergency room because I had to pick something up. The next time I went for a pain in my side, I found out I was pregnant AND had appendicitis. Had surgery, missed grad school graduation and nine months later, had Ben.

16) I used to really, really, really get caught up in what people thought about me. I would like to think I'm almost entirely over it.

17) I blacked out during a cross country track match at Garrett Mountain in high school. Eleven girls, ten medals - you do the math. I guess I didn't like the odds.

18) I have also fainted several times during church. Got guilt?

19) I got suspended for forging hall passes to get my friends out of class.

20) I have never been to Disney World. [I'm not as upset about that as people seem to suggest I should be. Lines, crowds, chaos - oooh, where can I sign up for that?]

21) I took ballet for 8 years. With the exception of the fact that I stand like a duck, you'd never notice.

22) I can't jump rope. Ask my sister.

23) I have inhaled.

24) I am surrounded by truly exceptional, inspiring friends who keep me honest, humbled and grounded.

25) I don't regret anything I have ever done or not done, said or not said. What's the point? Every heartache, joy, sorrow and happiness has brought me to this moment and I wouldn't have it any other way.
26) I fell into the dishwasher in high school and got a fork in the ass. Actually, my sister and I were battling in the kitchen and I backed into the open door, and fell backwards onto the bottom rack. As she said, good thing we didn't ever put the steak knives there.

27) I put a Q-Tip through my eardrum by accident and after I poured peroxide in my ear thought I fizzled my brain. Drama?

28) I put my hand through my kitchen window two hours before my brother's wedding in my backyard. It was hot, I forgot the painters had painted it shut and got a little overzealous trying to unstick it. The picture here is three hours after that momentous incident.

29) I wore my dress backwards for high school graduation. Thought it was a low back, not a v-neck.

30) I seem to love sharing my most embarassing moments. I love making people laugh, even at my own expense.
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