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Monday, November 22, 2010

Do It Write!

Is there a story inside of you? Don’t you just wish you knew how to get it on paper? I know someone who can help!

Author Lisa Tener is a nationally acclaimed book writing coach on the faculty of Harvard Medical School’s publishing course, whose clients have appeared on Oprah, CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, and CNN. Lisa can help you jump-start your book-writing to become a published author. She shares secrets that have helped her clients get six-figure publishing deals.

One of her students cannot say enough about her support!

"The word Coach seems so ordinary. Teacher sounds plain. Up-lifter doesn't cut it. If you have a story that is just dying to come out of you...hire Lisa Tener. She is Scottie Pippen to your Michael Jordan, Robin to your Batman, Tigger to your Winnie-the-Pooh. She makes YOU the star, despite her important role. She’ll just make you better. What are you waiting for? Get those ideas down on paper. Submit them to her. Become the writer you always wanted to become. I don't know where I would be without Lisa! That's a fact!" – Adam Jablin, Author of Confessions of a Lotsaholic
Lisa has been a huge supporter of the ‘I Am So Thankful’ raffle and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Today, she has donated a free e-course and the lucky winner is Paula Rodrigues! The 8 week home-study course (to write a first draft of your nonfiction or how-to book) is called "The Insider's Guide to Writing Your Best Book in 60 Days" and it retails for $249! Congratulations and thank you to you both!

Are you interested in learning more about Lisa? Visit her website at and sign up for her email newsletter, check out the free mini-course, become a fan on Facebook or follower on Twitter! She has tons of testimonials and information for you – check it out today!
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