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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Somewhere in the recesses of my house, there is a lump of clay that I made in elementary school that is supposed to be a bell. It doesn’t look like much of a bell. It does look a lot like a lump of clay.

This past year, my friend Karen convinced me to have another go at it, and I went to a Girls’ Night Out at Mudstone Studios in Warren. It was educational and wildly entertaining, and I can now boast the biggest coffee mug in Bristol. (Or wine mug – it depends on the time of day!)

Mudstone Studios is this gem of a place for ceramic artists (and wannabe artists) to share workspace and resources. There are weekly classes, seasonal classes and workshops for all ages in a variety of themes. Check out the
website for details on the upcoming events and the ongoing drop-in sessions available. Or, become a fan on Facebook to learn about gallery openings, sales and more. (Here are a few of Ben's pals knee deep in the kids clay class:)

Ellen Blomgren, founder of Mudstone Studios graciously donated a 4-visit pass, valued at $50 to the 'I Am So Thankful' raffle. The winner is Tracy Cooper Ramos – congratulations! Your support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is very much appreciated. (Want to learn more about where your contributions and donations to the LLS go? Click here for more info.)
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