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Monday, February 27, 2012

We Deserve Better than This

I know I am obsessed with this topic. Can’t get off it, can’t look away from it – it’s like watching a car wreck. I just can’t believe that we’re not all having the same conversation about Chris Brown. I’m genuinely horrified that there would be anyone out there who thinks it’s a good thing to support him.

Today, I am particularly livid because there is a rumor that Chris Brown and Rihanna will perform on American Idol this season, the first time they've performed together since 2009, prior to Brown beating the bejeezus out of Rihanna.

Here’s my problem.


A) There are still people who don’t believe that Chris Brown actually hit Rihanna in the face on that night in 2009 (despite his guilty plea and conviction); or

B) They don’t care.

And to those people (read Grammy producers, American Idol producers, Fox Networks, 19 Entertainment, CKX, Inc.,FremantleMedia North America Inc., XIX Entertainment, and Big Red 2 Entertainment.) I ask, which of those a-holes do you want to be?

It was bad enough that we had to see Brown at the Grammy Awards earlier this month – that we acted as though poor Chris had overcome some adversity and was finally back on his feet again so we could be proud of him.

American Idol is the ONE show that my family watches together. (Sad, perhaps, but true.) My kids love to watch brave contestants take a verbal licking and come back for more. They find a favorite and get in his or her corner each week, yelling at the television when the judges don’t agree. We debate the performances, laugh at the drama, and roll our eyes when Steven Tyler makes lewd and pervy remarks, all the while speculating as to who will become the NEXT American Idol.

Don’t take that away from us. Don’t make me delete the show from my DVR settings and tell my kids that we can’t watch it anymore. I will have to do that if you let Chris Brown on your stage.

Rihanna gets to forgive and forget if she wants to – that’s her prerogative. And I won't lie and say I hold all criminals to the same standard, because admittedly, I don't. (A friend recently pointed out that I love Jay-Z and it turns out that he stabbed somebody.)

My biggest issue is that Chris Brown is not remorseful. He hasn’t shown regret, he hasn't admitted his mistakes, he's not ashamed and he hasn’t said that what he did was beyond reprehensible and unforgiveable. He hasn’t vowed to become a better person, or to stand up against others who think women get to be punching bags.

And that is why, as far as I'm concerned, he will never truly be a man.

My son and daughter might have to find out who Chris Brown is, though I was hoping to keep them shielded for a few more years. They should know that we will never condone violence against women and thus we will never watch or listen to anything Chris Brown produces. As it stands, we frequently turn the dial when a song that’s not age appropriate comes on – Chris Brown is not age inappropriate, he is just plain inappropriate.

So putting Brown on American Idol takes away the one thing on television that my family enjoys together, for the very fun of it. I expect that it might be time to turn the dial to check out that other talent show they’ve been asking about. I suppose, in the end, everything is a teaching moment.

If you happen to agree with me, I created a petition on to share my view - feel free to sign, comment and share.

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