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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mommy's a Hypocrite. Shh, Don't Tell the Kids.

So, at least five times a week I tell my son to mind his own business.

It used to be easier for my husband and I, or my friends and I, or complete strangers and I, to have adult conversations. (Not inappropriate conversations, just ones between two people old enough to vote, drink and die.)

The kids would be in their own little world, buzzing about, doing their own thing. Now, it seems that while my son is oftentimes completely deaf (when he needs to stop playing Legos, come inside, get dressed for practice...) he also possesses bionic hearing.

B I O N I C.

He can be across the house, and I can be whispering, and all of a sudden he is right behind me inserting himself into the conversation. Or, misinterpreting my half of a phone call and creating a whole imaginary scenario about which to question me.

Perhaps it's two-faced of me to tell him to worry about himself. I spend my days and nights 'virtual' eavesdropping on the world:

  1. Facebook - Like!
  2. Twitter - Retweet!
  3. LinkedIn - Shall we connect?
  4. Foursquare - Checking in!
  5. Pinterest - Repin!

But, not to excuse myself entirely, dare I say that if you're participating in that world, you've asked me to interject? Heaven knows, I'm asking you!
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