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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hashtag Day of the Week

Do you Tweet?  Or blog?  If you do, you might know how the days of the week have all become themed.  Like Meatless Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Throwback can also make up your own.  I see endless possibilities that include Winedown Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, boy, has it been a long week. #TGIF!

So whatever your favorite day of the week, go grab a #hashtag and play along!  In searching those trending topics, you might also find new friends, common ground and delightful debates.

I'm a lucky gal - I am part of a few groups of lovely ladies that mostly collaborate online.  (We're not antisocial, we're women -- we must multitask.)  We read each other's stuff, seek advice, challenge and support each other. We are all in the same crazy boat: working in and around social media, marketing, communications, pr and blogging while juggling kids, spouses, pets, work, exercise, life, friends, fun, dreams.  We vet conferences, talk technology, swap professional tips, share job opportunities, and chat about things totally unrelated to work.  Just like gal pals, only this clever bunch comes with hashtags!

Check out #RIDMW and #RIBLOGS for all the #FollowFriday you can handle.  Or, just click here and browse the bloggerific.  There's lifestyle, fashion, food, mommies, product reviews, events and more.

Meanwhile, I just found a #WoofWednesday hashtag.  I have work to do...stay tuned!


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