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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Acknowledgements

Whenever I read a really great book, I often flip to the acknowledgements afterwards to see who the author credits for his or her success.  I think it is like a person's Academy Award speech, without the obnoxious music that starts after ten seconds of talking.

No one goes it alone.  I mean, sure, there a people who might argue that they didn't have a speck of help in life.  Never an assist, never any support, or collaboration whatsoever.  I don't believe them for a second, but I'll nod my head and pretend.

Humans are not solitary creatures.  Some of us may be miserable human beings, intolerant of others, or just plain cranky.  But, we require some amount of coexistence.  Whether it's the checkout person in your local market, the teller at your bank, your postal carrier, or your neighbor - chances are you interacted with a human this week.  Even if you tried not to.

I got to do something really incredible this year.  I got to be a part of a group of magical women and stand on a stage to deliver one mighty personal and introspective piece.  It was terrifying and awesome all at once. It was a roller coaster ride that I dreaded getting on, and then wanted to jump right back in line again when it stopped.  

I have LOTS of people who deserve acknowledgement. I didn't do that alone.  

I didn't have a story without my mother, or my daughter.  To love and to challenge me.

I didn't have an audition without the husband who stepped up to nudge me out of the nest, like a fledgling bird.  (Even if it was mostly so that he wouldn't have to listen to my 'what if' moments any more.)

I didn't have the confidence in my writing without my coach, Hannah, who reminds me regularly that it can always be better - it can always go deeper - if I am willing to be brave.

I didn't have an audience without my sister and my dad, who showed up to watch me not fall off the stage, like I thought I would, and did, many moons ago.

I didn't have a fan base without the power houses from Rhody Bloggers like Chelley, Tera, and Jen, who are supportive beyond measure.  

I didn't know what it was to be part of a cast until now.  To have an instant family that needed as much as they gave in love, kindness, advice and humor.  I will never forget a single one of them.

I didn't have a chance, but for the choices made by two fine souls named Carla and Laura.  They gave me my other Sally Field moment...they liked me.  They really liked me.

My son didn't get to be a part of this story.  It was the first time that his story didn't get to come first.  And so in acknowledging him, it's simply because he is.  And that's enough for me. 

There are always people who get forgotten. Unintentionally.  People who kept your wings flapping when you were too tired to fly any farther.  Friends.  Wonderful friends.  Who listened to my whining, my rantings, my self doubt and my bullshit.  Who nodded, and argued, and promised it would all be good.  And it was.

Thank you all, from the very bottom of my very full heart.

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