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Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 in 30

The finish line! I have completed 30 posts in 30 days, the challenge set forth in #NaBloPoMo. 

When I jumped in with both feet, I didn't really look where I was leaping. If I had, I might have seen that both of my computers would 'shit the bed' and that I'd be blogging from my iPhone every night. 

Truthfully, if I believe in my signs theory, then this technological blip was a gift. My crazy schedule and wacky family is a gift. It forced me to bang out posts at the 11th hour, racing to beat an imaginary deadline. 

To do this, I sacrificed a little quality. As I flip back through the month, there are some pieces I really like. Some catchy phrasing, some promising starts. Nothing award winning or earth shattering. But a solid effort, if I'm grading myself. 

Of course blogs are not diaries. They're sort of 'public record', though the public may only be four of you, and we might all be related. Which means that you get to grade me, and perhaps determine your return trip based on what you've read thus far. 

While I'm not committing to another challenge in December, I'm going to try to be here a lot. My computers are coming back on line, but I might still stick to this fat fingering of my iPhone keyboard. Posting random thoughts just as the clock ticks towards midnight. Closing the day with a bang. Or a whimper. Your call. 

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