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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Homeward Bound

This weekend has been a whirlwind. We celebrated Thanksgiving with family, my husband went to his 25th high school reunion and we celebrated his sister's 50th birthday. Tomorrow we're having an early Christmas/Hanukkah gathering with my brother and sister in law on their annual pilgrimage from South America. A weekend filled with friends, family and memories. Coming home without ever going near the address I called home. 

My parents and I live in RI, my sister lives in MA. While we didn't get to New Jersey for the holiday, we were 'home' because we were together. Deech's reunion was in Boston, miles from his hometown. But, the stories, the memories and the people who came were 'home' for him. 

Home is a state of mind. I could walk into my best friend's house in Marietta, GA and be home. Break out my high school yearbook anywhere and I'm instantly transported. I don't need to be sitting in my favorite childhood haunts to be home.  And if I arrived anywhere my friends have drifted off to over the years it would be an instant reunion. 

Home is a feeling. It's a 'no matter how far, no matter how long,' you're always welcome here. It doesn't have to be blood relatives, either. Sometimes home is far, far from anyone in your family tree. 

Wherever you've been, wherever you're going, may you find yourself at home. 

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