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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aliens Don't Wear Hats

Every time I see this, I burst out laughing. Not to diminish the kick ass job teachers are doing, trying to move swiftly from one philosophy and methodology to another. But, because it's how I look every time one of my kids asks for help. 

It isn't just recently that I feel so lost. Ten or so years ago, I had a volunteer gig helping a middle schooler with homework. Even then, I felt totally disconnected from the math he was learning. No decimal points. All base tens and remainders. A foreign language that just keeps changing. Good for the kids, bad for those who might have to assist. 

I know it's not my job and that I can just send my kids back to their teachers. I'm curious though, I like puzzles, and quite frankly, I prefer to be the smartest person in the room. So, it's humbling to have no idea how to solve the math problem, or where to begin. And the sad, disappointed look on their faces doesn't help. 

When they were little, I could just make stuff up. Not anymore. I guess it's back to the books. Someone's got to count the pancakes on the roof. 

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