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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Get It Out

I have so many stories. Too many to tell. A lifetime's worth. And so do you. Every person has a story. Your story can bend you and shape you in ways you once thought impossible. Your life can take a turn or two or ten that puts you so far from your intended path that you can never get back. Maybe the place you ended up is better. Maybe you hit the lottery this lifetime. Maybe it's much worse. Maybe every day is an uphill road. It's your road. Paved with true grit. Lined with flowers watered by your sweat and tears. 

Write it down. Tell me your story. I promise I'll laugh with you. And cry with you. I'll help you carry that load. Whether you want to dig a hole and bury it or scream it from the biggest stage. I'll be your audience of one, or the doorman at your headliner. Get it out. 

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