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Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Survive Post Election Fatigue Syndrome

It's not as dangerous as Pre Election Fatigue Syndrome. That's the one where the robocalls, junk mail, campaign ads and door to door canvassing can have the opposite intended effect. Your candidate or cause becomes so irritating and grating that you lose in spite of your message, rather than because of it. 

Post Election Fatigue Syndrome is the time where winners become douchebags and losers become victims. Social media has made this all the more amplified and obnoxious, and the general population yearns for kitten videos and pictures of what you ate for breakfast. 

The only way to avoid it is to unplug. Disconnect. Ignore. Let the dust settle. Tomorrow is another day and sadly, another fight. If you won, be magnanimous. If you lost, be gracious. Better yet, everybody be quiet. I'm busy watching a guy serenade a box full of puppies over here. 

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