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Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaBloPoMo Is Not a Dish at the New Trendy Restaurant, But I Ordered It Anyway

This is it. Day one. Do or die. I finally jumped in with both feet to this 'little' bloggy boot camp. 

It's an odd juxtaposition with something else I'm trying to do called #operationunplug. I'm taking a hard look at my tech habits and evaluating their impact on my life. It's not about quitting as much as it's about drawing lines and creating boundaries. 

For several years, I've dabbled at this little thing called blogging. I write when I want to write, about whatever I feel like writing. I review things that I would buy and use myself and politely decline things that don't mesh with my values or are IMHO toxic. 

I'll be testing the time commitment here, separation of work, hobby and family, to see if I can find the space in my life for everything, or determining what needs to go. 

In prep for this 'event' I sat down to try to come up with some ideas for content. As it turns out, I'll run out of days before I run out of stuff. I even have a couple great giveaways on tap for this month. It's about to get crazy over here!

I'm posting from my phone, which ought to make this an interesting experiment. In the span of two weeks, both of my computers have died. (And my check engine light is on in my car. I'm like a walking EMP, frying things as I go. My phone probably wishes I would lose it.) So, be patient with me. Typing with one finger is going to be exhausting, but I'm game if you are. 

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