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Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

We bought a dishwasher tonight.

They told Deech that it's not allowed to count as my Christmas present.  They said they don't let husbands do that, unless the top rack has a nice piece of jewelry in it when it's delivered.

But, still, it feels like Christmas.

Talk about first-world problems.  Our previous machine gave up the ghost in August and we've been holding out on replacing it ever since.  Cheap, practical, whatever you call it, it's been Hell.  This family of four humans plus one dog use an extraordinary amount of dishes, and even more silverware and cups.  Ridiculous amounts.  Inexplicable amounts.

We tried hand washing.  We tried paper. We tried eating other places.

Our environmental footprint was huge, regardless.

So while I completely agree with the lovely ladies at Gil's Appliances in Bristol, it's okay if this is my Christmas present. I will cherish every dish I don't scrub, scrape or toss.  I will relish in the little things that an automatic dishwasher provides.  

If only it emptied itself.  Then it would be my birthday too!

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