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Monday, November 23, 2015

An Ode to Facebook

Facebook is like the scales of justice.

For every bigoted, hateful post, and every person whose very connection you question, there are at least three posts from people who revive and restore your faith in humanity.  Who remind you that while we can't fix everything, we can do our small part in our small corner of the universe.

So I am thankful for Facebook.

For reminding me of the good and the evil.  Of the funny and the heartbreaking.  Of the posts of this very second and throwbacks to the past, even very recent past.

I am thankful.

For keeping me connected with old friends from afar, connecting me with new friends whom I share interests and hobbies, and allowing me to stalk those frenemies best kept close.

I am grateful.

Not for the posts about what you ate for breakfast, or the fear filled hate speeches of the small minded, but for the articles you share and the facts you share, and the passions you share in words and pictures.

I am wiser because of you.

Because you connect me with global causes and local events worthy of support -- be it time, money or forwards.

I can disconnect from the drama.

I appreciate the funny.  I love sharing the 100+ videos and stories I save about animals with the kids.  They always ask if I have something new.  You never disappoint.  No two kittens are alike.

I am sure that we all would have survived without your existence.  That we would have found another way to fold the corners of the earth together like a bed sheet.  The fitted kind that is messily balled up in the end, because we don't always fit so nicely together.

But you're here and for all of it, I'm thankful.
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