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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Yin and the Yang...When Cooler Heads Prevail

On our way home from the beach today, Deech had to make a turn that came up a street sooner than we'd expected.  He unintentionally ended up cutting in front of someone, causing a non-RI response of a honked horn.

And then it was a zip around us to get in front of us.  And then it was the middle finger.  (Not ours.)

All through this, I encouraged Deech to pull up alongside so I could express myself.

But cooler heads prevailed.

Ben was not interested in watching his parents become characters on an episode of Cops (doesn't that whole show take place in Florida) and kept telling me to cool it.  I thought this was hysterical.

Deech wondered, as we approached a traffic light behind the punk in the white Mustang, if he would get out of the car.  No problem, I said, as I slipped on my shoes.  He goes, I go.

Sydney lifted her head from the back seat.  Let me at him, she said.  I'll beat him to a pulp.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me.  I have no patience for thugs on the road.  The last time, Dick and Alice had my back -- literally rolling up alongside me, ready to rock and roll.  Deech was looking around wildly, trying to figure out who was crazier - my family, or the guy in the other car.  (He's probably still wondering.)

But cooler heads prevailed.

I'm not suggested that the boys couldn't have handled things on their own this time.  But they weren't looking for a fight.  On the contrary, the girl and I were all sorts of feisty, and ready to engage.

Is this hormones?  Hers or mine?  Are we going to be like Wonder Twins activate when she hits the teen years?  Will the boys have enough coolness to balance us out?  I'm not sure.

You better watch out.

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