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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Care Less

What does it mean? Is it giving a damn about anything? Everything? Something?  What does it mean?

If you spend your days saying 'fuck it' and focusing on what matters, my money says you're happier than most.  If you don't give a damn about the details -- the grinding, tedious, relatively insignificant bits of minutia that eat many of us alive -- my money says you're winning.

And when it comes to your planetary cohabitants, you can spend your days giving a damn about what others think of you, or you can just do you.

It's a lifelong struggle, and chances are more likely than not that you'll fall off the wagon of wishful thinking.  Repeatedly.

And here's an interesting twist:  What other people think of you is none of your business. Really. It's theirs: business AND problem. 

That doesn't mean you get a free pass to be a selfish asshole.  (Remember Karma?)  It just means that when you focus on being the highest and the very best version of yourself, everything else is somewhat irrelevant.  All the right pieces can click into place.  The picture becomes clear.  The puzzle is solved.  You can be happy.

If you lose focus on your authentic self in an effort to please others, you'll quickly find that it's an unsolvable puzzle.  For starters, 'they' all have different opinions on who you should be, or how you should be or what you should be.  And the safest way to protect yourself is to not try to please any of them.  

When you stop giving a damn, and start living your intended life, the right people show up.  They may have been there all along.  They create an invisible shield that protects you from those whose thoughts should only be their own.  Not that it matters.  You're too busy not giving a damn. You're too busy being happy. 

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