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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Empty Spaces

Taylor has blank spaces where she'll write your name. I've got empty spaces where ideas are supposed to be. Where blog fodder formerly flowed freely and opinions waited their turn to be expressed.

It could be a symptom of #NaBloPoMo. Committing to writing something every day, means writing every day. Regardless of whether you have something relevant, or worthy, to share. 

The habit of writing, like going to the gym, is supposed to flex the mental muscle and strengthen the overall product. Yet for me I think it's kind of the opposite. I think sometimes that the more I write, the less quality there is. My stuff, when mass produced, is like many things that are mass produced. Just meh. 

I think that less frequent, more spontaneous, genuine, incident driven posts of mine yield far better pieces of work. Limited edition, small batch brewed quality. 

Leave them wanting more. 

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