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Monday, April 14, 2014

Let Me Introduce Myself

Every time I think about introducing myself, I get a song stuck in my head.  Which one? "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool.  I can't explain why.  It could be the Jersey in me.  It just is.  So...

At the count of three
I want everybody in the place to be
To make some noise if ya down with me
One, two, three

Most of you already know me - you came here because you like me, or you don't, or because I guilted you into it, or you saw some funny thing I posted on FB and you got distracted by a shiny link and ended up here.

But some of you may have absolutely no idea who I am.  And you're too tired to poke around my site and figure it out.  You just want it to be simple.  I like simple.  I can do simple.  I think.

I mentioned the Jersey thing.  I'm a Jersey girl.  I'm loyal to Jersey, even though I live in Rhode Island.  I'm also loyal to RI, though nothing will ever beat the Jersey shore, Jersey tomatoes or Jersey corn.  Summers in Jersey = hands down, best ever.

By day, I'm a consultant, helping businesses expand their reach through social media.  I'm also a blogger and a brand advocate.  I have the very best jobs in the world.  I blog, I tweet, I Instagram, Pin and post.  

My whole life, I have had an opinion about one thing or another.  I like to use my powers for good, not evil so I write about the things that I am passionate about, the things that are important to me.  Sometimes I get mad.  Often I use foul language.  I know I don't have to do it, but it makes me happy.  

Last year, I stood on a stage and shared a story about motherhood.  It's been only 11 years so far, but one hell of a ride.

Occasionally I write reviews. I talk about brands, companies and products I use, support or endorse.  If I wouldn't eat there, shop there, wear it, ingest it, drive it or give it as a gift, I won't talk about it.  There's not going to be any earth shattering reviews here.  I'm always happy when I review stuff because it's always stuff I like.

Sometimes I get to tweet from the back of a theater in support of the arts.  Or dress up in a tutu and cape in support of education.  I do other stuff too, for hunger and animal organizations.  Everyone should have a cause.  I have many.

I'm married nearly 16 years to the former boy of my dreams.  We're much older and more tired than when we met 24 years ago, but I like to think we're in it for the long haul.  We're complete and polar opposites, so it's never boring.

I'm a lover of quotes and song lyrics.  I'm currently helping my son with a speech he's writing and I am thinking about this beauty from Lincoln, which works for everyone, everywhere:  "Whatever you are, be a good one."  Words to live by.

I've got a boy, a girl and a dog.   I believe in God and I'm terrified of dying.  There's too much here to do.  So, I'll write about some of it and you'll tell me what you think.  Deal?

If you want to know more incredibly interesting things about me, I throw it back to a old post I wrote called 25 Random Things About Me + 5 More.  Enjoy!

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