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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Heat Is On

Well, the heat's not exactly on in the house yet.  It's only November 1st.  But it is ON if you live in the United Divided States of America.  We are a week away from Election Day 2016.  Where the choices are between a man and (for the first time in American history) a woman.

Or should I say, between a pumpkin and an apple?

It's not an been an easy, breezy campaign season.  Lots of things have been said.  Things that cannot be rinsed away on the morning of 11/9 like the streets of so many cities.  Cities that will hopefully still be standing.  Riots have been threatened.

I believe in the system.  I understand that many do not.  I have benefited from the system, and trust that while incredibly flawed, it is still there for the greatest good, and that it will shine a light on the chosen and right leader when all is said and done.

I pray to God it's my chosen one.

I'm with HER, you know.  Not everyone is.  And I respect others' rights to their opinions, regardless of how misinformed, misguided or mistaken they might be.  She's not perfect.  I get it.  The fruit is a little bruised, a little rotten.  A little tart.  Not for everyone.  So be it.

But remember -- this isn't apples to apples.

He's a motherfucking pumpkin.

I cannot fathom how anyone is with HIM.  He is not a Republican.  He is not a Conservative.  He is not the counterpoint to her policies, platforms and goals.  He is barely a person.  Fueled by a very short fuse -- much like the seasonal flash of pumpkin spice -- he will burn quickly and fade fast, soon to be replaced by a peppermint stick and Black Friday sales.

At least that's what I pray.

There are no atheists in foxholes, someone once said. [A friend in the military recently said there are many, but that's a topic for another day.]  This election has everyone praying.  Praying for their side to win.  Praying for the other to lose.  Praying for anyone to recognize that there are real, honest to God, issues facing this country.  Praying for unity.  Praying for compassion.  Praying for kindness.

Praying for it all to be over.

The heat is on.  Pick your poisoned fruit.  Pray for salvation.

Winter is coming.

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